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Modern Research On How Fasting Improves Peoples health

The modern researchers say “Fasting, or giving up eating and drinking for a period of time in order to seek reward or improve health is something very old in the world that some people do traditionally and others religiously. This is very useful in improving the health and well-being of the body.”


 They said, “Science has highlighted some of the benefits of fasting as follows:



Modern Research On How Fasting Improves Peoples health











1- Diabetes or ‘type 2 diabetes‘.

Fasting or abstaining from eating for a certain period of time

It helps regulate blood sugar by stimulating insulin, which helps to manage glucose effectively, thereby reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.


2. Inflammation of the Body.

Acute inflammation of the body can be associated with

heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Research has proven that fasting reduces the factors that cause inflammation in the body and provides better health.


3. Lose weight.

Fasting, especially the one that is done one day and the other day is rested (like nafila), helps to reduce the fat that is too much for a person and to manage food and air properly in the human body.


4- Improve memory function.

Fasting improves memory by burning toxins and bacteria from the brain and contributing to good brain health.


5. Heart Health.

Fasting reduces inflammation and strengthens the blood sugar control mechanisms so that fasting reduces the risk of heart disease.



6. Life expectancy.

The researchers said that they believe that fasting can increase a person’s life and not die for a long time because fasting has many ways to increase health and maintain it.


7- Prevention of cancer.

A study has shown that fasting or giving a break from eating and drinking water, removes the things that cause cancer in a person’s body.


Indeed, fasting is a very important thing in improving a person’s health and getting a reward if a person does it for the sake of God.


It is required that the person who is going to fast should be able to take the fast and be able to do it in a way that will not harm his life, as prescribed by the religion.


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Modern Research On How Fasting Improves Peoples health







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