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WeCredit is simply the best at granting loans to clients. Over the years the pioneers of Wecredit have been giving out small and medium scale loans to people for over 8 years and more than 54 miillion customers have relied on us to get loans which are quick and stress free.

👉Why choose Wecredit⬇️

1.Convenient: Downloads can be done using a smartphone, and registration with a mobile number is required.
2.Does not restrict your identity:you can apply for our loan regardless of your status.
3.Fast: Our system is upgraded with fast application and fast approval.
4.Safety: We protect your personal privacy. Verify your identity and submit all the requirements in the app to complete your loan application.
5.High success rate.

👉What you can get from Wecredit

1.Limit range from NGN10000 to NGN200000
2.Loan terms are 91 to 365 days
3.Interest Rate (APR): 10% – 30%
4.Processing Fee: 0% (no any other hidden fees)


You have chosen a loan amount of NGN20000 at an APR of 12% with term of 180 days.
Interest = NGN 20000 * 12% / 365 * 180 = NGN 1183.
Service fee=0.
Interest on loan=NGN 1183.
Total amount disbursed will be NGN 20000
The total repayment is NGN 21183.

Who can apply

🎇1.Nigeria Resident.
🎇2.18~60 years old
🎇3. One valid bank account

It seems amazing, yes? Well that’s because it is the fact. The above and many other types of loans are offered by WeCredit app. Just click on the download button and experience WeCredit for yourself. Don’t dull it.

Contact US

Phone: 09130712407
Email: [email protected]
Address: 23401, 23 Adeola Odeku St, Lagos.


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