Timart Business – Makes managing your business easier

Timart business app makes managing your business easier. From your mobile phone, you can track your sales, expenses, and inflow, control inventory, and recover debts faster. Always be aware of your business’s financial health with Timart’s automatic net profit and loss report.

Why You Should Choose Timart business

  • It is free
  • Reach more audience by selling online (increase sales)
  • You are not restricted by time and space
  • No more lengthy calculations, get instant net profit and loss report
  • No more missing products
  • Works offline
  • Available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS

What We Offer

Inventory Management

  • ✅ Add/Record all products
  • ✅ Add products in different variations and prices
  • ✅ Receive low product alerts and expiring product alerts
  • ✅ See the total quantity of products in-store and total value. Always know what is in your store on Timart

Sales Management on Timart business

  • ✅ Makes sales and print receipts instantly
  • ✅ Share digital receipts with customers
  • ✅ Make credit sales and records instantly
  • ✅ Receive daily sales reports
  • ✅ Sales report and analysis
  • ✅ Have all records of sale at your disposal

Manage Multiple Shops/Businesses

  • ✅ Create multiple shops
  • ✅ Run all your Timart business in one app

Customer Tracking, Promo, and Discount

  • ✅ Track your customers
  • ✅ Offer them discounts

Profit Tracking

  • ✅ View net profit and loss report
  • ✅ Print, export, or share report

Manage Debtors on Timart business

  • ✅ Record and track customer credit
  • ✅ Track and monitor all credit and deposits made by customers
  • ✅ Reminds you of who owes and how much
  • ✅ Manages credit sale until it is paid
  • ✅ Manages credit sale until it is paid

Sell Online for Free on Timart

  • ✅ Reach more audience by selling online
  • ✅ Increase sales
  • ✅ Get the free custom link for your shop
  • ✅ Share direct product links with customers
  • ✅ Manage orders
  • ✅ Increase brand visibility

Timart App is for all small-scale and large-scale business owners, whether you sell products or offer services, the Timart business app is for you.


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